Judah Downtown

As a professional photographer juggling family life and work, I find that my four year old sometimes feels left out of my professional life.  Lately, he has been bugging me to take him with me on shoots.  So, I decided to give him one of his own.  We live in the Beautiful Rogue Valley of Southern Oregon and Downtown Medford seemed like a great place to tromp around with the kid & camera.  Here’s our fun shoot – a la Judah Beans.maginationimages_southernoregonphotography1_900 maginationimages_southernoregonphotography2_900 maginationimages_southernoregonphotography3_900 maginationimages_southernoregonphotography4_900 maginationimages_southernoregonphotography5_900 maginationimages_southernoregonphotographer6_900 maginationimages_southernoregonphotography7_900maginationimages_southernoregonphotography8_900maginationimages_southernoregonphotography10_900maginationimages_southernoregonphotography11maginationimages_southernoregonphotography12_900maginationimages_southernoregonphotography13_900maginationimages_southernoregonphotography14_900 maginationimages_southernoregonphotograph15_900 maginationimages_southernoregonphotography16_900 maginationimages_southernoregonphotography17_900 maginationimages_southernoregonphotography18_900 magiantionimages_southernoregonphotography19_900 maginationimages_southernoregonphotography20_900 maginationimages_southeroregonphotography21_900 maginationimages_southernoregonphotography22_900

to learn more about what we do, visit http://www.magiantionimages.com

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